Exterior & Interior Varnishing

Exterior & Interior Varnishing

When your exterior woodwork is looking grim, and your interior wood door frames are peeling, you may need touch of varnish. Varnish is tried and true sealant that works wonders on both residential and commercial buildings, especially historic or older properties.

Why Varnish?

Wood Varnish in Hesperia | Interior, Exterior | Landry's PaintingThere are several reasons you might consider exterior & interior varnishing. First, a varnish is a finish applied to wood surfaces. The varnish not only seals the surfacing, protecting it from moisture, heat, insects and scratches, but it also enhances the appearance of the wood. The right varnish can bring out the natural wood grain, change the color of the wood, enhance the contrast in the wood, or change the wood’s texture.

A varnish is a great general purpose finish to use outside and inside your home. When you think of varnish, you may think of what was applied to your high school gym floor. But varnishes have come a long way! Varnishes can be oil or water-based and boast the highly favorable quality of being waterproof. For that reason, varnishes are used frequently for boats and in the marine industry.

Rely on the Pros

Varnish is trickier than painting or other sealants. The high durability means a little more time, experience and care in the application. Because varnish can dry slowly, bubble at the surface and needs to be applied in the right environment, it can be difficult and frustrating to tackle on your own. The professionals at Landry’s Painting know the ins and outs of exterior & interior varnishing. With their know-how and the right tools for the job, they can actually save you time and money.

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