Hesperia Antiquing

Hesperia Antiquing

Thinking about replacing or refinishing your kitchen, furniture or millwork?  Replacing is the most expensive way out and paint is usually the go-to finish. But have you thought about antiquing? Most homeowners don’t know about the process that can bring a fresh, ironically new feel to their home.

Antiquing is a technique that helps the wood to look aged. This technique can be applied to a variety of home design styles, from a country kitchen to a kitchen with a Tuscan, French, or Victorian style. By applying this technique to the cabinets, your kitchen will have a sense of warmth; a homey feel.

Old is New Again

Hesperia Antiquing | Landry's PaintingAntiquing can update your home in no time. Some of the most common antiquing methods include glazing and sanding. To achieve a more complete look, distressing, strategic sanding or even a combination of all of these techniques can be utilized.

This is not a task that should be handled by just anyone, though. Let the true Hesperia professionals take care of this antiquing project for you with cost-saving, efficient methods that allow the same great finish for years to come. Plus, at just a fraction of the cost!

Interior Design by Landry’s

With more than 30 years of experience, Landry’s Painting services will change the way you feel about your home. Landry’s Painting and the Hesperia antiquing experts will make sure to get the results you want. Don’t forget, antiquing can be done on-site or at a pre-finish site. Even though this is the fastest and most valuable way to modernize your home, no other service beats Landry’s affordable painting prices for a turn-key remodel project. Call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051 and see why Landry’s Painting is leading the way in Hesperia!