Hesperia CA Commercial Remodeling

Hesperia CA Commercial Remodeling

While Landry’s Painting is known as the best painting contractor for exterior and interior painting of homes and offices, we are also expert commercial remodelers. Instead of hiring several different contractors to complete a project, hire one to manage and complete the entire thing! Hesperia CA Commercial Remodeling | Landry's Painting

Any Type of Remodeling Project

If you own a business, you might think you can handle small projects on your own. Or that a professional commercial remodeling company would be too expensive. Landry’s handles projects big and small, and an affordable cost. Plus, hiring a professional to manage the project will actually save you time and money.

From painting to flooring and kitchens to bathrooms, Landry’s Painting is ready to take on any commercial remodeling project. Think about how we can reinvent your commercial space to upgrade looks, efficiency, and function.


Whether you need an exterior touch up or you want a whole new color scheme, we’ve got it covered. A new coat of interior paint, a custom design, or just an accent wall are all great ways to easily change up the look of your office.

Concentrating on creating an eye-catching and welcoming entryway is a great strategy painting. The exterior entrance should be clean, neat, and recently painted. The exterior siding should not show age, but rather freshness.

Inside, as customers enter, consider using paint to mimic the colors of your logo or create a stunning accent wall that wows them upon arrival. Painting is a simple, cost-effective way to upgrade a room. With experts like Landry’s Painting behind the brush, you’ll have the design you always dreamed of.


Updating flooring can make a huge difference in a commercial space, large or small. There are plenty of heavy duty and beautiful flooring options for every budget. If you are looking to replace worn-out linoleum or uneven tiling, talk to Landry’s Painting about how to choose the best new flooring for your space.

Updates should consider:


Heating can be threatened by poorly insulated, hard floorings materials like stone, tile, and concrete. When remodeling a commercial space, installing better insulation under flooring or even radiant heat beneath new flooring is a smart move for both comfort and your heating budget.


Updating flooring is one way that commercial space can look better to customers. Worn, dirty, or cracked tile can leave customers turned off, especially if space is the type where they expect cleanliness, such as a hairdresser’s or hospital. Having easy to clean, scratch-resistant flooring is a simple way to advance the look of your space.


Depending on how space is being used, installing the correct flooring can be essential during a commercial remodel. Leaving, for instance, bare concrete floors in a building being used for audiobook recording is a bad idea. Adding carpeting to eliminate excess noise is a great choice.


Thinking of adding a kitchen to your commercial space? We can add electrical lines and plumbing, install appliances, add countertops and backsplashes, and finish it with the perfect flooring.

Whether you are looking for an industrial kitchen remodel in the food industry, or you want to add a second break room for your employees, plumbing and electric can be difficult in commercial spaces. One challenge, when it comes to kitchen spaces, is making sure codes will permit stoves in the area you plan to build the kitchen. We are familiar with all requirements and can help make a plan that will satisfy building codes and your needs.

Another challenge can be putting plumbing into a commercial space that is wide-open or industrial (like a converted warehouse). We can work with you to strategize the best place for your kitchen remodel and how to work with the space you have.


New plumbing to new toilets and vanities? No problem. We can transform any bathroom to be functional for employees and impressive to clients.

As the demand for more single-stall bathrooms increases, commercial spaces are rethinking their bathroom layouts. It is possible to convert large bathroom spaces into several single bathrooms. This can be a welcome change for both your employees and customers.

One of the challenges of commercial remodeling is working around the commercial activities which are on-going in the space without interrupting the flow of business. When it comes to bathrooms, it is essential to get the remodeling done when employees are not in the building.

Hiring a professional commercial remodeling team makes this happen. DIY-ing can take a long time, but getting a team of project-minded professionals can save a lot of time on a bathroom remodel.

Keep It Professional

Landry’s Painting is so much more than just a painting contractor. With over 30 years of experience in construction, we are experts in Hesperia CA commercial remodeling. We put the same level of skill and service into remodeling as we do with painting, so you know we only work with the highest quality personnel, materials and equipment. We also handle drywall repair, stucco repair, acoustic ceiling (popcorn ceiling) removal, insurance claim repairs, and fire and water damage. Call us today to start your commercial remodel: (760) 617-1051.