Hesperia Elephant Skin Wall Finishing

Hesperia Elephant Skin Wall Finishing

A pop of paint in an expertly designed color palate can really update a room and take it from tired and basic to modern and luxurious with no additional furniture or décor even needed. This is especially true if you choose to add a faux finish to your wall, like a suede or marble, or add functionality and fun to a family space with chalkboard paint.

Faux finishing has become a great alternative to wallpaper and less expensive and labor-intensive than other types of wall treatments. Hesperia elephant skin wall finishing is a popular choice for modern, unique décor looks in southern California.

Hesperia Elephant Skin Wall Finishing | Landry's Painting CA

What is Elephant Skin Wall Finishing?

While it may seem exotic or like a complicated process, Hesperia elephant skin wall finishing is actually a simple way to achieve a unique, modern look on your walls. The faux finish is created by using crinkled up tissue paper painted onto the wall. Once the tissue paper is coated with paint and dries, we apply a glaze over the top to accent the texture. The combination of basecoat paint colors and accent colors and glazes makes this a truly individual way to create a custom look in your home, and a look that will seamlessly fit into your existing style. Elephant skin wall finishing is most stunning in small spaces, such as powder rooms, bathrooms, small bedrooms or home offices.

From Wall Finishing to Repairs

When you’re interested in a new coat of paint or a fresh wall finish like elephant skin, call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051. As a full service contractor, we can also help you fix drywall and stucco, remove acoustic ceilings, repair fire and water damage and of course provide the best interior and exterior painting in Hesperia, CA! We’re family owned and operated with more than 30 years of commercial and residential experience. We’ll treat your home like our own to make sure you get the best in Hesperia elephant skin wall finishing.