Hesperia Faux Finishing

Hesperia Faux Finishing

Has your home suffered from fire or water damage? Or are you looking for a unique and captivating finish? Or maybe you’re looking to just change up how your home feels? Well, look no further! Faux finishing is the way to go!

Hesperia Faux Finishing | Landry's PaintingFaux finishing is a style that allows you to get a replicate of any of your favorite patinas like marble, wood or stone. But it doesn’t stop there; faux finishing can also take on other decorative finishes for walls and furniture.

Some of the techniques include chalkboard paint, checkerboard porch, color washing, decorative deck staining, dry-brushing, fresco, geometric reflections, glitter, ragging, smooshing, sponging, Strié, texture and washed stripes.

Professional Finish

Let your Hesperia Faux finishing professionals take charge and show you how to expand the way you see style and color. And the best part about faux finishing is that you have a variety of faux impressions to choose from! Now every room in your home will have the opportunity to stand out from one another, turning every room into a masterpiece. For example, one of the rooms can have an artisan impression while another room can have an old world impression.

Landry’s Painting and our 30 years of experience will give you peace of mind while undergoing your faux finishing project. Don’t be fooled by imposters. Landry’s Painting guarantees the results you want at an affordable price. Let your imagination run wild and let us make your dream home a reality!

Call your Hesperia professionals at (760) 617-1051 or simply fill out our online form. Try faux finishing on for size – you won’t be disappointed!