Hesperia Wood Restoration

Hesperia Wood Restoration

When your wood deck, exterior home surfaces, hardwood floor or other wood accents are looking shabby, it may be time for wood restoration. This process is not just reserved for historic or older properties anymore. Hardwood floors need constant upkeep, and decks may need to be resurfaced and restored every few years, especially in the southern California heat. Landry’s Painting offers superior Hesperia wood restoration services in the High Desert, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Inland Empire areas.

Restoration, Step by Step

Hesperia Wood Restoration | Landry's PaintingRestoring wood is a step by step process that takes experience and the right tools to get the job done. First, we’ll come out and evaluate the wood in question. We may also test the wood for structural integrity, rotting, repairs, splintering, and dangerous or rusted hardware like nails and screws. Repairing the wood and making the surface safe, especially a deck or flooring, is the next step.

The type of wood and how it was sealed and/or painted in the past will dictate the best way to restore the wood. Our estimates and process are unique to each project – no one size fits all here! The goal is to bring out the original stunning glow of the wood while maintaining high safety standards.

Restoration Professionals

Because restoration processes vary and experience is necessary to determine the best steps, using a professional contractor like Landry’s Painting for your Hesperia wood restoration is essential. As your full service home repair and remodel contractor, we can also assist with interior painting, exterior painting, fire & water damage, insurance claims, drywall repair and much more. Contact us at (760) 617-1051 to see how we can help restore your home