2018’s New Color Is Ultraviolet! Tips on How To Use It In Your Next Hesperia Interior Painting Project

2018’s New Color Is Ultraviolet! Tips on How To Use It In Your Next Hesperia Interior Painting Project

Ultraviolet has been declared 2018’s new color and it is described as a dramatic color. Luckily, it’s not too dramatic that you can’t be in the trend and not use it in your home. It’s a lush, deeply saturated hue which means, even in small doses, the color can have a large impact. Previous year’s colors have focused more on neutral hues, but 2018 is bringing in a contrasting, vibrant color to add warmth and whimsy into your home. However, being able to confidently incorporate ultraviolet into your home can be tough.

Here are a few tips on how to use it in your next Hesperia interior painting project:

ultraviolet paint in Hesperia bedroom

Think About the Room

Purple hues are often thought of to be soothing and make you feel calmer. Ultraviolet is a great color for your bathroom because it can give a vibrant lift to such a small space. Ultraviolet hues are assertive so they can be used in rooms you tend not to linger in, such as entryways, hallways, and stairways. Make sure to pair ultraviolet with light, neutral colors so it doesn’t appear gloomy.

Consider the Effect

Since there are no rules when it comes to decorating, you can add ultraviolet essentially anywhere, but you want to think about where you are adding it and how it will affect the space. If you want the bold color to be visible, put it in more common areas. If you want to add a little surprise, add the color to a place not visible from entry so your guests have a little fun when they come across it. Just be careful what other colors you add to the ultraviolet. Too many colors might not look well together.

Wisely Work It In

When you add ultraviolet to areas used to entertain, it can infuse the space with energy, livening your event. If you’re looking for a more unexpected look, a pop of color, or a flare of drama, ultraviolet is a perfect addition to small spaces. If you’re looking for a really dramatic look, add this color to all the walls in a larger space. If this seems too daunting, you can weave different lighter colors throughout your home to take away some of the drama. Lighter, contrasting blues, terracotta oranges, and light wood finishes create a regal look that can help reduce the overwhelming purple hue.

Call Landry’s Painting

Working with such a dramatic hue can be intimidating, especially if you really want to work it in well and use it wisely. Using 2018’s new color, ultraviolet, is taking a big chance, and if you don’t want to risk that chance not turning out well, call the interior paint experts at Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051.