5 Signs You Shouldn’t Rehire Your Old Painting Contractor

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Rehire Your Old Painting Contractor

Painting can be a daunting task – from selecting a color and style, to buying the paint and tools, to actually knowing what you are doing to create the best outcome. As with many do it yourself projects, it’s often most efficient to hire a professional. But what happens when your so-called “painting professional” isn’t as professional and skilled as you thought? And how can you tell if he or she is doing a good job? Here are five telling signs that you should break up with your painting contractor and start courting a new one.

Red Flag #1 – Poor Communication

Painting Contractor | 760-617-1051 | Landry’s PaintingIf you don’t have a recommendation from a friend or family member, you may be searching for a painting contractor online and selecting one that simply looks good to you. If the contractor is slow to return your phone call, email or online request, take note. If the contractor is late to or misses a scheduled appointment, be concerned. Communication is key in explaining your painting goals and visions and someone who can’t respectfully communicate may not get it. Poor communication may also indicate poor company organization.

Know What You Are Getting

After meeting with your painting contractor and discussing your objective, you’ll receive an estimate. A confident and professional company will probably offer a free consultation and estimate (estimates from Landry’s Painting are free). So if you’re paying for just an estimate, that’s a bad sign. The estimate itself should be itemized and tell you exactly what you are getting, from paint to labor and timeline. A broad estimate or just a number opens the door for additions and surcharges down the road. Likewise, a pushy contractor trying to upsell you on additional things you don’t want is also not good. Your contractor should understand what you are hiring him for and you should understand what you are getting from him.

Shoddy Shape

Painting Contractor | 760-617-1051 | Landry’s PaintingIf your painting contractor arrives on time but his uniform is overly damaged (he is a painter, so some color here and there are no big deal), and his equipment has seen better days, keep an eye out. A company that does not take pride in its appearance may not see a need to take pride in the appearance of your job. Disorganized equipment and a beat up vehicle are also signs that appearance is a second thought.

No References or Insurance

While you could have checked references and proper insurance before hiring a contractor, this is an easy one to go unnoticed since most of us trust people when they say they have necessary business documentation. However a good contractor may offer you references to check before you even have to ask. If you’re into your paint job and you find out this contractor misrepresented himself and his insurance is not valid (or non-existent), try to cease work with that contractor until he has the proper insurance. If he’s unwilling to comply, stop the job and negotiate payment for work already completed, then hire a recommended and insured painting contractor.

Up to Standard

The final sign that you should not rehire your old painting contractor is an easy and obvious one. If you don’t like the work or the quality is mediocre at best, that is not the right contractor for you. This is their business and they should be judged by the quality of their work first and foremost. If your painting contractor does not meet your standards, find another contractor who can.

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