7 Savings Tips for Painting Your Home

7 Savings Tips for Painting Your Home

At Landry’s Painting our primary focus is keeping our customers happy. That’s why we’re here today to discuss some easy and effective ways for you to save money when painting your home. Even if you decide not to hire Landry’s Painting for your job, and choose to give it a go yourself, you’re still one of our valued customers and neighbors, and we want to help.

So, you’ve decided you’re feeling ambitious, and you’re going to take on painting a room, a few rooms, or even your whole house. Well, there are lots of easy ways to save time, money and hopefully a few headaches. Let’s discuss some of them now.

Use the Recycling Center: Recycling centers and hazardous waste disposal centers can be a gold mine for cheap paint. When businesses and households decide they no longer need the paint sitting on their shelves, they often dump it off at one of these centers. Because paint has such a long shelf-life, much of this paint is still perfectly fine to use. If you don’t already have a color in mind, and are looking to save a few bucks be sure to check these centers. The best part? The paint is often free!

Check the Hardware Store Regularly: Hardware and paint specialty stores will often have sales on paint, but if you don’t check frequently there’s a good chance you’ll miss out! There’s even a special “mistint” section in most paint stores where they sell irregular colors of paint for a huge markdown, sometimes up to 75% off!

Spend a Little More to Save Money: That might not seem like it makes much sense, but spending a little more on nicer paint can actually save you money in the long run. Nicer paint will cover in fewer coats, and fewer coats means less money! As a bonus: you’ll save time too!

Use a Primer: Using a primer is another effective way to help less paint go further. By properly priming a surface you help guarantee that the paint will stick the right way, the first time. Again, this saves you time and money.

Paint Like the Pros: Instead of squeezing every last drop out of your brush or roller, try painting with a lot of paint and a gentle touch. This helps the paint cover the walls more effectively and it looks better too.

Buy in Bulk: As with almost everything, buying paint in bulk can save you loads of money. If you can, choose to paint multiple rooms one color and then buy bulk sizes. If you must buy individual colors, try and work out a bulk price deal for multiple gallons.

Cover Your Rollers and Brushes: One of the most expensive things you buy when painting are your rollers and brushes. Many people will simply leave these expensive tools out overnight where they become hard and unusable. By simply covering them with plastic bags or saran wrap you can preserve them and use them again the next day.

All of these tips together can save you some serious time and money. However, at Landry’s Painting we realize that not everyone has the time to tackle every painting job. That’s where we come in! That’s why our final tip to save time and money is: call Landry’s Painting today!

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