Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Hesperia

Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Hesperia

Hesperia CA Acoustic Ceiling Removal | Landry's PaintingLandry’s Painting is known for exceptional quality and value when it comes to interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting. Why not take that quality service and dedication to customers and apply it to other areas of home renovation and repair, like acoustic ceiling removal in Hesperia? Just like with painting, our Landry’s renovation team is experienced, knowledgeable and professional and will help you get rid of the dated popcorn ceiling.

Why an Acoustic Ceiling?

Acoustic ceilings, or sometimes called popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings, were a popular residential building technique from the 1950s through the 1980s. Many homes built in this time period have or had an acoustic ceiling, at least in main living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. It was utilized to hide imperfections and for its acoustic properties, meaning it kept audio levels contained by absorbing the sound. So why do people want to remove an acoustic ceiling? One reason is that the treatment dates a home.

The dreaded popcorn ceiling can even cause many potential home buyers to not even consider a home. Another reason is that early acoustic ceiling products contained asbestos, and even after the asbestos ban in the Clean Air Act of 1978, existing inventories containing asbestos-bearing products could still be used. So there is the likelihood that if the ceiling crumbled or needed repair, asbestos dust could be released into the home and the air.

Call the Professionals

Since an acoustic ceiling may contain asbestos, even at small levels, it’s always best to call a professional for acoustic ceiling removal in Hesperia. Asbestos was an uber popular combination of silicate minerals used in construction in much of the 20th century. In addition to acoustic ceilings, asbestos was used in insulation and fire resistance. Although concerns for the mineral had been around since the 1920s, in the 1980s asbestos dust was found to initiate severe carcinogenic effects. Prolonged inhalation of asbestos dust and fibers can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma and ultimately lead to death. These side effects can appear immediately or many years after exposure.

With this potentially harmful mineral just waiting to be released during your acoustic ceiling removal, it’s important to have a professional at least assist you. The ceiling will need to be tested for asbestos in the very least and if any is present, a certified contractor will need to perform the acoustic ceiling removal. Landry’s Painting has done the training ad received the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Renovators Certification, so we know how to handle and properly dispose of any harmful materials like asbestos.

Another reason to use a professional? We’ve done it before. While wetting the ceiling and scrapping the “popcorn” off seems simple enough, it will take much less time for a professional to complete the work, and complete it properly the first time. If you have tall or vaulted ceilings, also consider that a professional will have the ladders, scaffolding and long-reach tools necessary to get to hard to reach areas.

More Than Just Painters

After 30 years in the construction business, Landry’s Painting is expanding our services to include much more than just exterior and interior painting. In addition to acoustic ceiling removal, we can also repair drywall, repair stucco and repair damage from fire and water. Clients in Hesperia, Riverside, the High Desert, San Bernardino and the Inland Empire can’t say enough good things about working with Landry’s. See for yourself and call us today at (760) 617-1051!

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