Changing the Look of Your Home with Antiquing in Riverside, CA. What’s That All About?

Changing the Look of Your Home with Antiquing in Riverside, CA. What’s That All About?

Do you love vintage things? Do you spend a lot of time shopping at antique stores to find the perfect vintage item for your home? If you answered yes, then the new trend of antiquing is for you! With all these new modern looks for homes, it’s nice to sometimes have an older feeling to your home, but still be trendy.

So many homes nowadays look exactly the same. Change the look of your home with antiquing in Riverside, CA. What’s that all about? Find out with a few ways you can give your home an antique feel.

An example of antiquing in Riverside, California

Make Your New House Look Old

When you’re antiquing your Riverside home, it’s all about the details:

  • Crown molding. Available in a variety of widths from simple to extravagant, crown molding is a great finishing touch to any room.
  • Natural materials. There’s nothing wrong with having vinyl or laminate floors, but if you really want that antique look, you should opt for natural materials. You should consider hardwood floors and either wood or stone countertops. Keep in mind that wide-plank wood floors have a more antique look than narrow-planks.
  • Getting your furnishings and decorations from different department stores won’t give you that antique feeling. Instead, go antiquing! Go to shops that specialize in old, vintage furniture and start acquiring pieces from different places to create that mismatched design that screams vintage.
  • Nothing says historic quite like colors do. If you’re trying to emanate a particular era, you can easy do so with a fresh set of paint. The Victorian and Colonial eras each call for their own specific color schemes that you can use to help give your home that vibe.

No better place to get your antiquing paint on than with Landry’s Painting!

Antiquing in Riverside, California with Landry’s

Here at Landry’s Painting, we love helping people create their perfect home and we love antiquing! Our residential painters are color experts and can help guide you to the right color of any time period you’re looking for. Our color selection is vast and you will be able to find something to give you the look and feel of the antique home you’ve always dreamed about. Give us a call at (760) 617-1051 and talk to one of color experts today!