Common Painting Mistakes in Hesperia, CA

Painting your home can be a fun activity for the whole family to be part of. Painting is the fastest and easiest way to transform a room and make it look completely different. The process as a whole is quite simple, however, little mistakes made along the way can make for a disastrous ending. Steer clear of these common painting mistakes in Hesperia, CA for a more professional and spotless outcome:

Common Painting Mistakes in Hesperia, CA

Inferior Applicators

Paint can be expensive, especially if you need to buy a lot of it if you are painting a large portion of your home. After spending so much money on the paint itself, you will most likely be tempted to buy cheaper brushes, rolls, and other paint applicators. Doing so will cut back costs, but your finished product will not turn out well. Investing in high quality paint applicators is worth the extra expense.

Improper Preparation

When you paint anything in your home, you want to start with a blank, clean slate. Wash your walls of any dust or debris that may be covering it, then be sure to dry it. For paint to go on smoothly, your wall needs to be clean and dry. If your wall needs any repairs done, it’s best to do those before you start painting.

Skip the Tape

To get that professional look, you want clean lines which means you should not skip the tape. Using painters tape will ensure that you get the crisp edges that you want. Make sure your tape is sealed tightly around baseboards, moldings, and windows in order to prevent bleeding.

Unprotected Surroundings

After you paint, you’ll find that the paint has mysteriously ended up places where it wasn’t intended to be. Before opening your paint cans, protect your work zone. Move out any furniture that can be moved out. For things that can’t be removed, use tarps to cover and protect them from splattering paint. This may seem like a time-wasting step, but you’ll be grateful when you’re not spending even more time scrubbing paint out of your floors.

No Primer

If you take away anything, take away that you should never, ever skip the primer. The primer gets the wall surface ready to be painted and helps the paint stick better. Unknown to many people, primer also helps ensure that the true paint color shines through. Have you ever seen a paint color in the store, loved it, took it home and it looks completely different? You probably skipped the primer. To keep the paint the same color you bought and even across the whole wall, make sure you use your primer. There’s even the option to buy two-in-one paint and primer, which makes everything easier.

Common painting mistakes in Hesperia, CA can be avoided by making sure you have the proper tools and follow the proper steps. However, don’t let obsessing over these common painting mistakes take the fun out of your painting experience. Any questions about common painting mistakes in Hesperia, CA, please call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051.