Different Living Room Interior Painting Ideas

Different Living Room Interior Painting Ideas

Your living room is the place where your family and friends gather to spend time with each other. This is the most public space in your home, and for that reason, the best color will  fit the mood or atmosphere you want to create. No matter what look you want to go for, the perfect paint color will underscore that. Here are a few different living room interior painting ideas to help you decide what look is right for you.

Different Living Room Interior Painting Ideas | Landry's Painting Hesperia


Naturally, neutral colors are the most traditional backdrops for living rooms. The soft browns, creams, and grays allow for you to have more eclectic decorations. You can add accessories in muted shades or bright hues depending on the look you want. Shades of brown and tan can be paired with muted shades of red and green for a calming, yet unique atmosphere.


Blue walls with cream accents create a very contemporary living area. Dark brown accents contrast to the lighter colors, but creates a more relaxed atmosphere. As for decorating this contemporary look, brown and cream patterned furnishings along with cream colored area rugs will offset the blue walls, while still maintaining the contemporary relaxed feeling.


Deeper hues can make quite the statement in your living room. Saturated and rich colors such as shades of purple and dark gray can appear very modern. To keep your living room from appearing too dark, accent the room with cream furnishings and two-toned drapes. Darker hues have a more inviting and warm look, making your guests feel right at home.


If you have a wild personality and want your living room to showcase that, loud and bright colors are for you. Uplifting colors such as fuchsia and green complement each other while being bold, just like you. Your guests may be shocked by the boldness of your choices, but paler shades of pink and green can bring down the overwhelming feeling while still showing off your personality.

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