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Epoxy Coatings in Hesperia, CA

Is your garage floor cracking? Maybe some of your appliances have some wear and tear? Not sure how to fix the cracks without buying all new appliances or completely redoing your floors? Epoxy coatings is your answer! Not only does epoxy coatings make your appliances and garage floor more durable, the process doesn’t take that long to complete.

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Not only does epoxy coating make your appliances and garage floor more durable, but the process also doesn’t take that long to complete. It is also an affordable option to quickly change the look and durability of features in your home.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating is a thick, protective material that covers things to shield them from damage. Many different types of coatings are available, but almost all of them are made with epoxy resins, which is a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups.

These epoxy resins are very durable and they are resistant to rust and chemical corrosion, which is a nice element to have for your garage floor, especially if you’re working on a car that leaks oil. It is also a water-repellent surface that can easily be hosed off, unlike concrete which remains damp.

Water in cracks on concrete can also freeze and make the situation worse. Epoxy coating does not come with this risk.

Epoxy coating is used for many different reasons, but the number one thing it’s used for is home appliances and garage floors. The benefits of having epoxy coatings on your home appliances or garage floor is that it provides resistance to corrosive chemicals, extreme heat, and scratches. It also makes your appliances and garage floor extremely tough and durable.


Refrigerators, washers, and dryers have an epoxy coating on the outside that gives them their shine and helps them resist scratches and other signs of damage. However, if you have an appliance that has gotten worn over the years, you can update it with a new coat of epoxy coating.


Epoxy coating can even help strengthen pipes in your home against cracks from temperature changes, preventing leaks. When you need to prevent a costly plumbing emergency, invest in an affordable epoxy coating solution before a problem starts.


If your garage floor has become cracked or stained over the years, redoing it with an epoxy coating is a great choice for both yourself and your home when you go to sell it. This gives a fresh look to the space that is less likely to become damaged.


Cracked, bleached, and stained patios can also be coated with epoxy. If you are looking to upgrade a space around your home that is drab or unattractive, an epoxy coating maybe your best option. Imagine your eyesore patio slab redone in a gray and white granite pattern or a deep red terracotta. What would this change about the space?

An affordable upgrade that can make a dramatic difference, epoxy coatings on patios are a game-changer.


Driveways and walkways around the home can be coated in epoxy similar to garage floors. This can help with cracked, sun-bleached surfaces. Like in garages, oil stains can be hidden by epoxy coatings.

Upgrade the look of your driveway with a flecked epoxy coating. Your curb appeal will improve in no-time, great when you’re in need of a quick real estate sale.

Design options

There are some design options available for epoxy flooring. They can be tinted in different colors or have a metallic fleck added to mimic the look of granite. Use one color for the border of space and then a lighter color for the interior to step up the look of epoxy floor coating.

Color availability for epoxy coatings is diverse. Blues, reds, yellows, grays, blacks, whites, and more are available. Many finishes come with a degree of fleck in them. These can be large to add a pattern or small to create texture.


Epoxy coatings can be applied in an extremely thin layer. They can also be added to create a thicker layer. When it comes to flooring, you don’t need to worry about threshold clearance as epoxy floor coatings are rarely more than ⅓ of an inch.


Epoxy coatings are a relatively inexpensive way to improve a space around your home. For large spaces like garages or driveways, calculate $3-9 per square foot. The more you customize the look of your coating, the more expensive it becomes.

Professional Epoxy Coatings

If you are looking for a professional company to handle your epoxy coatings, look no further than Landry’s Painting. We have been serving the San Bernardino area for over 30 years and we are more than just your typical paint company.

We cover everything from painting, remodeling, new construction, and epoxy cleaning. If you want the best service with affordable pricing and convenient scheduling, call us today at (760) 617-1051. We would love to help you with all your epoxy coating needs and answer any questions you may have about the process.