Exterior Paint Color Trends

Exterior Paint Color Trends

It’s time to freshen up your outdoor space with a new exterior color. Whether you’ve just moved into your dream house or you are hoping to update the home you’ve been in for years, a coat of paint on the outside can be transformative.

Exterior Paint Color Trends

Check out these color trends to give your siding and trim a facelift. You’ll find something that speaks to you and matches any style of home.

Blacks and Grays

When you first considered changing the color of your house you may have assumed you had to pick something off the rainbow spectrum but blacks and grays are in this year.

In fact, Better Homes and Gardens featured an all-black exterior house as one of their 2021 color trends. This witchy look forces the eye to find depth in your trim and siding. In the city or the country, this void of color catches the eye and stands out against any background.

But if you’re not ready to go all black, grays are also on-trend. Light grays can brighten up a home in heavy shade. Darker grays can give a similar effect to black without going too dark.

Saturated Greens and Blues

Design color palettes over the last few years have rested heavily on neutrals. So it’s no surprise that heading into 2022 saturated greens and blues are coming into popularity for both interior and exterior paint jobs.

These full-bodied colors are bold if not bright. If you want your home to stand out on your street, choosing one of these colors will be just the ticket to get there.


While there is a move toward some bolder colors, whites still reign supreme as a prime color option for exterior painting. These have shifted more toward gentle cream colors which can be paired with multiple shades across the facade of a home.

Mixing two cream shades for siding and trim, for instance, is a popular option. Though cream-colored paint may require a little more upkeep in the pressure-washing department, anything in the spectrum of white looks clean and bright when maintained. Brighten up your home with cream exterior paint.

Monochromatic Trim

Trim colors of the same shade as siding or just a shade or two darker have also grown in popularity. Particularly in black and white color schemes, matching trim to siding is a trend used to freshen up aged exteriors.

This monochromatic look can emphasize windows, drawing attention to the shape of the panes. For homes with long or unique windows, this stylish choice can result in a bold change.

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