Fading Paint

Fading Paint

There are a few reasons as to why you might be dealing with fading paint. Understanding why the paint is fading will help you to determine the best route to take to resolve your problem. You will want to look at where the paint is located. Depending on where the paint is will help you determine the cause of the paint fading. Let us look at the various locations that you might see fading paint:

  • Exterior Paint
  • Interior Paint (With little windows)
  • Interior paint (with lots of windows)

When you are experiencing fading paint on the exterior of your home you might be dealing with the sun hitting it, salt hitting it, or you might be dealing with poor quality paint. You will want to make sure that any time that you hire a painter that you are able to find the information on the type paint that they are using.

For those that might be dealing with fading paint in their home you might have your room in an area where the sun catches it frequently which might cause it to fade quicker than a room that has little sun light hitting it. The paint in your home might be fading simply because it is old. You will want to think about the last time that the room was painted.

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