Hesperia CA Drywall Repair

Hesperia CA Drywall Repair

Landry’s Painting has been going strong for more than 30 years. We were built on the basis of hard work and quality service. Today, we do so much more than interior and exterior painting. We are also skilled in residential and commercial remodeling, including drywall repair.

Hesperia CA Drywall Repair | Residential Contractor | Landry's PaintingWhether you’re removing a wall entirely, or you just have a few holes from hanging paintings and pictures, Landry’s Painting provides top notch Hesperia CA drywall repair in. We know how to repair and when to replace all types of drywall.

Drywall Repair or Replace?

Cracks are common in drywall and can appear where two drywall sheets meet. For smaller cracks, drywall joint compound will work. We’ll spread the compound in the crack and sand it when it’s dry. For larger cracks, we’ll apply compound then add a thin layer of fiberglass tape and another layer or two of compound. Tip: compound should be applied in thin layers to keep it smooth and prevent cracking.

Hole repair is the most common drywall repair. Simple patch kits can fix tiny holes, but larger holes need drywall pieces cut to fit and reinforcement with 2x4s. Not a DIY project. Similarly, nail “pops” are also common. These holes from nails that pulled away from the wood studs create bumps, so we scrap away the surrounding drywall to expose the nail head. We drive the nail back in or pull it out and replace it with a screw. Cover with compound and tape to prep it for seamless repainting.

If you removed parts of a wall, like cutting out a pass through, you’ll need large section repair. Since this requires working with the foundation studs and the structural integrity of your home, this is definitely a task for a professional. One of the top reasons to hire a professional like Landry’s Painting is the experience. We’ve been working with drywall for decades! Plus, a professional will also come with all the tools and supplies needed for the repair – no buying tape, compound and corner bead or renting a saw.

Call in the Pros

When your home or office needs Hesperia CA drywall repair, painting or remodeling, call Landry’s Painting at (760) 617-1051. Painting is in our name, but we handle home and office projects of all sizes in the High Desert, San Bernardino, Riverside and Inland Empire communities.