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Stucco Repair

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Stucco is an ideal exterior siding for many reasons. It’s inexpensive, lasts for years even in the southern California weather and looks good. It’s also insulating, windproof, fire resistant and water resistant. But whether your home has been in sitting in direct California sunlight years, or has been through a few earthquakes, a stucco exterior will require repair someday. Once stucco cracks or breaks away, it’s important to repair it before moisture can get trapped and deteriorate the siding even more. Landry’s Painting can repair any stucco problem, from cracks and crumbling to worn out color. And when you hire Landry’s Painting to repair your stucco, we come with all the tools and experience needed to get the job done efficiently.

Keeping Up Appearances

Stucco is pretty similar to cement. It can be painted to be very weather resistant without the rotting or rusting issues of other siding materials. Even though stucco is a strong, tough surface material, it can look weathered and dirty over time. When touching up the appearance of stucco, it’s important to not use standard exterior paint on stucco. The stucco needs to breathe a bit, and thus needs specialized paint that will keep it from peeling or blistering. Other options for fixing tired looking stucco is to re-dash or whitewash. It all depends on your stucco and your desired look.

Shifty Stucco 

Cracks in stucco can appear when the ground or structure moves ever so slightly, which can occur with a regular wet and dry annual season. When one or both elements shift, the crack is created. Cracks are sometimes fixed with caulk or cement; however, this can be a problem since the moving elements that causes the crack to begin with are likely still moving, so the crack will eventually get bigger. Caulk and cement are not elastic enough and cannot move with the crack. Another approach is to actually widen the crack at the surface and fill with a caulk that does not shrink, but only fill at the surface.

When stucco repairs are needed, you may have concerns about a crack filler or a patch matching the rest of the home, especially since stucco comes in a variety of colors and textures. We know that a seamless look may be just as important as a functional repair, and we’ll color and texture match the new stucco to the existing stucco.

Stucco Repair Resource

Because stucco is applied wet and dries to a dense solid, mixing and installing the stucco incorrectly is a common problem, especially amongst do it yourselfers. In need of stucco repair in Riverside, the Inland Empire, San Bernardino or the High Desert? Landry’s Painting is your resource for stucco repair, drywall repair, acoustic (popcorn) ceiling removal, fire or water damage, and of course painting. We are family owned and operated with over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to always give you a great looking home or office for an affordable price.

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