Hesperia Cabinet Refinishing

Hesperia Cabinet Refinishing

One of the fastest, most affordable and most valuable ways to update your home is in the kitchen. When replacing your counters and cabinets is just not possible, due to timing or budget, cabinet refinishing may be exactly what you need. Hesperia cabinet refinishing can change the look and style of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets, plus you are reusing and staying eco-friendly!

Can you Refinish the Old Cabinets?

Hesperia CA Cabinet Refinishing | Landry's PaintingAlthough refinishing your cabinets may seem like the perfect solution to remodeling woes, you do need to consider a few things first. Are your existing cabinets durable and can they last several more years? Are they functional, including hinges and hardware? Are there any visible signs of damage or wear and tear, to the extent of which a little paint or stain won’t cover? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, cabinet replacement may be your best option.

Stain or Paint?

If your cabinets are good candidates for refinishing, you then have a few choices. With wood cabinets, you have more options. You can simply add a coat of paint in a new color for a new look, or you can sand and stain the cabinets in a neutral color that shows off the wood grain. Adding new veneers, hardware, and even moldings can also help bring your cabinets up to date. You can also choose to replace just the cabinet doors, a sort of hybrid choice between replacing and refinishing. Adding a few glass doors can be a great option to open up a kitchen and show off fun dinnerware.

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