Hesperia Faux Finishing

Hesperia Faux Finishing

Has your home suffered from fire or water damage? Or are you looking for a unique and captivating finish? Or maybe you’re looking to just change up how your home feels? Well, look no further! Faux finishing is the way to go!

Hesperia Wood RestorationFaux finishing is a style that allows you to get a replica of any of your favorite patinas like marble, wood, or stone. But it doesn’t stop there; faux finishing can also take on other decorative finishes for walls and furniture.

Some of the techniques include chalkboard paint, checkerboard porch, color washing, decorative deck staining, dry-brushing, fresco, geometric reflections, glitter, ragging, smooshing, sponging, Strié, texture, and washed stripes. Choose designs that fit your style.

At Landry’s Painting, faux finishing taps right into our painting skills. Let’s work on something creative together to transform your home.


If you’re looking to update your countertops but don’t want to absorb the costs of replacing them with marble or granite, get the classic look layered right over older Formica counters.

Counters will need to be prepped and primed, so you must be committed to letting your old counters go. Using a sander, sandpaper, and primer, your old counter’s look will disappear, ready for a new finish.

Skilled craftspeople replicate the look of the stone with several shades of paint. Using foam rollers, sponges, brushes, and even things with creative textures like feathers, they are able to recreate the look of stone.

Once finished, the counters must be sealed to protect the paint job from wear and tear. Work with your painters to choose a polymer finish in your preferred gloss to create a clear seal over your new design.


Painting Contractor | 760-617-1051 | Landry’s PaintingIt seems like everyone’s grandmother chose baby pink tile for her bathroom along with flecked metallic countertops. Needless to say, neither surface is an easy-to-work-around neutral. If you are trying to update an older home’s flashy bathroom features, consider using some faux finishing techniques in there.

Ugly, tired tile can be easily upgraded with some coats of paint and unique stencils. Before you go to the expense of tearing out your bathroom floor or wall tiles, investigate what types of faux finishes might be available to you.

Covering wall tile with a subtle white and grey stencil design can give you a chic, expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Marbling countertops can give you an updated, bright style.

Living Spaces

In family rooms, on stairs, and down hallways, there can be serious wear and tear to all types of floors. Linoleum floors may get scuffed and lose their glossy finish. Wood floors can endure hard-to-hide water stains. But instead of just tearing them out, faux finishing may be a better choice for upgrading these spaces.

If you’ve ever visited a colonial home you’ve likely seen the painted floors of yester-year there. Today, painting and faux finishing floors offer a slightly more sophisticated style but tap into this tradition.

Update tired floorboard with a bright white finish. Lean into a shabby-chic style by antiquing painted floorboards to show rough spots. This farmhouse-style paint job can go great with other rustic touches.

For a sharper look, paint checkerboard black and white “tiles” onto worn-out wood floors. This is an instant, bright upgrade to an older space.

Outdoor Spaces

Exterior Painting | Landry's PaintingPatios and decks are popular locations for faux finishing. Particularly if you have an old concrete slab patio, upgrading with a new finish can enhance the space. With faux finishing, you can make space look like it has wide terracotta pavers or polished white bricks. This can be extended onto walkways as well, to make your garden paths look fresh and bright.

Get especially creative with the use of blue and green epoxy on concrete. You can create the look of a pond or creek outside without the hassle of upkeep of a water source. As a central point in a garden or yard, this can be a real passion project in faux finishes.

Similarly, upgrade worn-out decking with some unique finish options. You can incorporate painted designs that appear to make outdoor rugs or tiling on your decking for a summery, fun vibe.

Real Estate Sprucing

All of these faux finish options can be added to your home for your own personal enjoyment, but these are also great options for those on the brink of selling their home. Instead of investing in expensive upgrades, incorporating some faux finishes around the home to freshen it up for prospective buyers is a financially savvy idea.

Let’s face it, most buyers are going to tear out pre-existing setups anyway. You might as well simply give them a good walk-through experience without wasting money on expensive updates they don’t really want.

Professional Finish

Let your Hesperia Faux finishing professionals take charge and show you how to expand the way you see style and color. And the best part about faux finishing is that you have a variety of faux impressions to choose from! Now every room in your home will have the opportunity to stand out from one another, turning every room into a masterpiece.

Landry’s Painting and our 30 years of experience will give you peace of mind while undergoing your faux finishing project. Don’t be fooled by imposters. Landry’s Painting guarantees the results you want at an affordable price. Let your imagination run wild and let us make your dream home a reality!

Call your Hesperia professionals at (760) 617-1051 or simply fill out our online form. Try faux finishing on for size—you won’t be disappointed!