High Desert, CA Fire Damage Restoration

High Desert, CA Fire Damage Restoration


After a season of deadly wildfires, High Desert residents may be interested in learning more about fire repair in the event of damage to their property. Damage from the fire itself can be devastating enough, but what comes afterward can cause even more problems.

High Desert, CA Fire Damage Restoration

When Help Arrives

We all depend on the fire department, paid or volunteer, to come to our aid in emergencies. Saving our home, family, and belongings is extremely important and the first thing on the minds of first responders. The fire must be stopped. Safety is the number one priority.

What many do not realize, however, is much of the damage done to a house in a fire comes from the water used to put it out. Water damage soaks the wood, wallboard, floors, and insulation even outside of the area where the fire might be. Mold and rot can result in the aftermath, causing even more sections of the home to require repair.

Compounding the problem, as inspections and insurance examinations take place and construction is lined up, a home may be sitting with a missing roof or wall. Exposure to the elements can do serious damage. Animals may make their way inside. If the home is not properly covered, rain may fall inside, worsening water damage. Repair needs can easily escalate.

Professional Repairs

When it comes to damage after a fire, it is important to hire a knowledgeable professional quickly. We at Landry’s Painting are equipped with the skills and resources to repair both fire and water damage in your High Desert home. Let us bring your home back to the way it was before the fire.

The damage from the fire itself will require professionals who can both ascertain structural integrity as well as aesthetics. We are happy to assist with restorations as well as getting rid of any hint of the fire, including the smell of smoke. Rebuilding some sections of the home may be necessary. Smoke and ash must be removed from surfaces and any fabric such as carpeting. We are also prepared to evaluate your electrical system. In the end, with a fresh coat of paint and repairs finished, your home will be the way you want it once again.

Recovering from the fire is easier with experience on your side. Don’t wait to get started on those repairs. High Desert residents going through this traumatic time can call Landry’s Painting at (760) 617-1051 today!