Insurance Claim Repairs

Insurance Claim Repairs

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Insurance claims can be a hassle, but the repairs shouldn’t have to be. Landry’s Painting is a residential and commercial painting company, but Landry’s Painting also specializes in drywall repairs, stucco repairs, and fire and water damage repairs. Additionally, we specialize in insurance claim repairs and getting you back in your home after a serious event.

When it comes to insurance claim repairs, doing temporary patchwork that will ensure there isn’t further damage to your home, such as boarding up broken windows to keep the rain out, is acceptable. But be sure to hold out on working on large projects until you secure the help of a professional because you may jeopardize the chance of insurance reimbursement for the damages to your home.

Professional Services to Get Your Home Repaired Quickly

From natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding to accidents like burst pipes or electrical fires, the damage to homes can be extensive. Ascertaining your insurance payout after damaging events like these may require the quality work of professional repairs. Landry’s Painting has the experience and skills to perform expert repairs up to the standards of the insurance companies.

Drywall Repairs

Some drywall repair may be simple, DIY projects. Most homeowners have likely spackled over holes in their walls before. However, the kinds of drywall damage that necessitate an insurance claim generally requires replacement sections to be cut, fit, and secured in the wall.

If there is water or fire damage, insulation behind the drywall may need to be replaced as well. Electrical work will need to be reviewed for safety by an electrician as well. Landry’s Painting can work around other tradesmen to coordinate repairs in your home so that it meets the standards of the insurance claim.

Stucco Repairs

After a rainy season, you may notice cracks forming in your external stucco. For a proper repair, these may need to be widened and then filled with a special caulk. Using something like cement, which cannot remain flexible under worsening cracking, may actually cause more of a problem.

Landry’s Painting can fill your stucco cracks and get them back to looking good. Matching stucco colors with the repair materials is a necessity to restore your home’s look before the crack started. Landry can also repaint all of your stuccoes after the crack repair so that everything has a fresh, matching look to ensure quality and stability for the insurance standards.

Fire and Water Damage Repairs

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to fire and water damage is the possibility of rot and mold in the parts of the home that are now exposed to the elements. Some may be too far gone immediately after the incident. Landry’s Painting can help remove these damaged parts in preparation for restoration.

In the meantime, while temporary walls and windows can be placed to protect the remaining parts of the home. Insurance claims will need for the risk of more damage to below. By using a quality repair company that protects the home as they go along, you can count on your risk of further damage being low with Landry’s.

Landry’s Painting is experienced at inspecting damaged homes for structural integrity. We work quickly to preserve as much as possible, especially when it comes to water damage. We also assist with the clean-up of these incidents, including removing textiles with dangerous smoke damage from the home.

The Team Approach

If you’ve been through a home-damaging event lately, it is important to get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance as soon as possible, as well as with repair specialists like Landry’s Painting. Professionals in both insurance and repair can get you on the right track to bringing your home back to the way it was before. Whether an accident or a natural disaster, damage to your home requiring an insurance claim is always a stressful event, but Landry’s Painting is here to help.

Timing and speed are essential when working with any kind of repairs to avoid further damage to your home. Preserving as much of your remaining home as possible early will save you both time and costs. Having a team of professionals by your side can ease the emotional effects of damages to your home and make repairs efficiently. Returning your home to its normal state as soon as possible is our overall goal!

Landry’s Painting provides prices that are affordable while making sure the process is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Landry’s Painting will work around your schedule to provide minimal interruption and treat your home or business like it’s ours. We utilize long-lasting, high-quality materials, and clean up after the job is complete. With decades of experience and happy customers, contacting Landy’s Painting with any insurance claim repairs is the smartest move you can make! Call us at (760) 617-1051 today!