House Painting in Hesperia, CA

House Painting in Hesperia, CA

Hesperia House Painting | 760-617-1051 | Landry’s PaintingHesperia, California is a newer yet constantly growing city within the San Bernardino County. Although only incorporated in 1988, the area was first on the map in the late 1800s with the railroad boom. Automobiles and Route 66 continued Hesperia’s popularity in the 1900s. Now the city is known for a small town feel with clean, desert air and great scenery.

As Hesperia’s population increases, so does the housing market and residents choose Hesperia for the relatively affordable cost of living. Custom homes, modern subdivisions and rural lots can all be found. Since Hesperia is located in the high Mojave Desert, dry weather and dust can do a number on house painting, especially exteriors. Whether its drywall repair, acoustical [popcorn] ceiling removal, or a brand new coat of paint inside or out, turning to a local professional like Landry’s Painting can help ensure the best results possible.

Inside Effect

Painting the interior of your house is a small act that can make a big difference on how a room looks and feels. Not only can different colors affect your mood, but they can set the tone and enhance the style of your home. While this is a task that many homeowners try to complete themselves, it’s also a task that can be best left to professionals for the best and most efficient end result.

Professional painters will include added steps in their process that you as a home owner may not have considered and/or don’t have the right tools to complete. A professional painter will start by moving all the furniture to the center of the rooms and carefully cover everything with plastic, including drop cloths on the floors. Walls are examined for any cracks, holes or stains, then repairs are made and any necessary sanding is done. This is a big step that is often missed, but can really make a difference in the overall look of the new paint job. Walls are primed and painted with consistency, neat lines and clean corners (another hard task for the do-it-yourselfer). Furniture is moved back to where it was before and the areas are thoroughly cleaned. All you are left with are gleaming walls!

Outside First Impressions

A home’s curb appeal can have a dramatic effect on a home’s value and a home owner’s appreciation for their property. A neat, tidy house stands out. Likewise, a tired, faded house will stand out for the wrong reasons. Due to the varying heights and necessary tools for an exterior project, few home owners should take this project on. Professionals can come in and get the job done in much less time with much less stress.

When you hire a professional painting company like Landry’s to bring new life to your home’s exterior, they will go through a series of steps to complete the painting, some of which a home owner may not even be aware of. First, they will power or hand wash the house exterior to remove dirt and mildew. Then any loose or peeling paint is scraped and any glossy areas are sanded down. Water intrusion will even be inspected and any gaps or cracks sealed with caulk. The house is primed and painted using scaffolding, paint sprayers, ladders, and good old paint brushes. Once the house is painted, all materials and scraps, including those loose paint chips, will be cleaned up. It’s like the professionals were never there, except your house looks brand new again!

Trust a Professional with your House Painting in Hesperia, CA

When you’re ready to spruce up your Hesperia home with a new coat of paint, or you have some more intense damages to repair before the painting, Landry’s Painting is here to help! Request a free estimate online or call (760) 617-1051. We serve the Inland Empire, High Desert, San Bernardino and Riverside areas and our clients can’t say enough good things about their experiences working with us. We look forward to adding you to our happy client list!