Jewel of the Desert: Hesperia, CA

Jewel of the Desert: Hesperia, CA

landry's_painting-3The city of Hesperia, CA is located in San Bernardino County, USA. The city itself is situated in the Mojave Desert, some 15 miles north of San Bernardino itself. The locals often refer to this area of the Mojave as the High Desert. As of 2010, Hesperia had a population of around 90,000 people.

Hesperia’s origins date back to the time of the Spanish settlers in California. In 1781 a land grant was issued for the area and the first settlers began moving in. the first inhabitants of Hesperia were Serrano Indians. The region came under the control of the United States, along with the rest of Southern California following the Mexican-American War in 1848.

Hesperia derives its name from “Hespersus,” the Greek god of the west. Hesperia was highly touted by US & Santa Fe Railroad officials as a soon-to-be booming metropolis. They encouraged people from all over the country to move to Hesperia, hoping for over 100,000 by 1900. Only 1000 moved to the new town.

Hesperia’s growth stayed relatively slow until the completion of the famous US Route 66 in the 1940s. Soon after this, investors from Hollywood began developing the town and building new roads, businesses and housing developments.

Hesperia has several unusual and unique places of interest. The town boasts its own man-made lake, where the annual “Hesperia Day” activities are held. It is also home to a Radio Control Model Aircraft Park that is a popular destination for R/C aircraft enthusiast.

Hesperia is a unique and fascinating desert community. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a Spanish land grant, to become a thriving and vibrant gem in the desert. The town’s residents are remarkably friendly and outgoing people, and Landry’s Painting is proud to call them our neighbors.

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