New Paint is an Easy Economical Way to Update Your Home

New Paint is an Easy Economical Way to Update Your Home

When it’s time for spruce in your home but you’re not looking to over-invest, consider painting some rooms to update your style and freshen your space.

Painting is a low-cost way to change the look of a space. It does not require any structural changes, resulting in huge messes or even necessarily means you have to rearrange your living space. Instead, you can enhance a space with minimal effort or expense, particularly when you work with the skilled painting experts at Landry’s Painting.

New Paint is an Easy Economical Way to Update Your Home

Style Change

Think outside the box when it comes to choosing a style change for your new paint job. You don’t have to pick just one color to paint all four walls.

Instead, think about an accent wall. Accent walls are typically a bold color limited to one eye-catching wall in a space. Red is a popular color for an accent wall, as it could be overwhelming when used on all four walls. But when used sparingly, the bold color of an accent wall can bring a dramatic change to your room.

A neutral on the walls paired with brighter trim can also achieve a unique or classic style. Painting trim that was previously only stained can be a subtle yet striking change as you leave behind wood looks for solid color. This can be a great compromise for parents and teens who disagree about neon yellow walls. Painted trim will be easier to cover someday but still provides ample space for expression.

Change Perspectives

Strategic paint jobs can change the look of your room perspective-wise. For example, play with finishes to make the space look larger or smaller. By shining more light on a glossy finish, the space can appear larger.

Choosing different paint options for parts of the room can also give the impression of height or depth. One way to give the impression of more vertical space is to paint your ceiling the same as the walls. For more depth in a rectangular room, use darker paint on long walls and a lighter shade on the other two.


The biggest cure paint provides is for dinginess. Whether your walls are old or stained from smoke and grease, covering up with paint is the fastest and most affordable way to make your space look fresh again.

When it comes to covering dingy walls, you can work with your painters to find the right restoration primer to hide any problem areas. Your new color will go on top of that with no bleed-through, making the walls look new again.

Inspired to make a change that amps up your style, enhances your space, and cleans up older features of your home? The painting experts at Landry’s Painting can walk you through many ideas. Choose colors and finishes that fit with your vision for your home and then leave the hard work to us.

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