How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Painting the outside of your house can be incredibly important for any number of reasons: it can protect your home, add a personal touch, and even increase curb appeal. It’s no surprise then that many homeowners will, at some point in their lives, decide that it is time for a fresh coat of paint on the outside of their house. Yet many people are rightfully not very excited for this labor-intensive and time-consuming task. That’s why the pros at Landry’s Painting are here with some great tips for making the job easier.

First of all, forget everything you know about painting inside. Exterior painting will be a much different animal than interior painting. When you are inside you have a roof and walls to protect you from the elements, and HVAC systems to ensure that the air is optimal for painting. Outside you will be faced with weather hazards like the blazing sun, humidity, and frigid cold. When planning to paint your home, be sure to take these factors into consideration.

Heads up for Rain: Rain can ruin a good paint job faster than anything. If paint hasn’t had time to dry and it rains, there’s a good chance the whole deal will be ruined. Even though it’s impossible to be certain that it won’t rain, be sure to check the forecast and try to plan around the weather.

 How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Harmful Humidity: Humidity is also the enemy of fresh paint. The moisture in the air can prevent paint from drying properly, and may even stop it from adhering to the surface. Try start painting early or late in the day in order to avoid the hottest temperatures and highest humidity.

Who Loves the Sun?: Not paint! The sun may look beautiful, but it can damage your new paint job. Avoid doing exterior painting in direct sunlight or directly onto hot surfaces. If you must paint on a sunny day, try and start in the shadows and work on the cooler surfaces.

Cold Weather Caution: Cold weather can be as harsh as hot weather on new paint. Be sure that temperatures will remain above 25F or you may find your paint peeling and drying improperly.

If you have any more questions of concerns, just call the pros at Landry’s Painting! We’re happy to offer our assistance, and our years of experience and wealth of knowledge mean that we know how to tackle any job.

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