Hesperia Fire and Water Damage Repair

Hesperia Fire and Water Damage Repair

We all want a safe and secure home, but when fire and water damage strike, you may feel anything but. When water or fire damage occurs, it’s important to respond quickly and hire a restoration company that knows what they are doing. Landry’s Painting has been serving the Hesperia, Riverside, Inland Empire and San Bernardino areas for over 30 years. And we offer more than just superior painting at an affordable price. Commercial and residential remodeling and restoration are just a few of the construction services we offer.

When Time’s Not on Your Side

Hesperia Water Damage Repair | Landry's Painting

Water Damage on Ceiling

Timing and speed are essential, especially when dealing with potential water damage. Of course the minute you notice a leak or a drip, call a plumber to start the repair. A small leak can turn into a big leak much faster than people realize.

The most common issues that lead to water damage are loose or broken pipes, leaking water heaters, flooding and storm damage, overflowing sinks and bathtubs, flooded basements and sewer backups.

With water leaks and damage, time is not on your side. The faster you and the contractor act, the more damage can be mitigated and the more of your home and belongs can be salvaged. Standing water and moisture left untreated can lead to structural issues, mold growth (it only takes 72 hours) and much more. Because of dangers inherent in water damage repair, like electrical shock, it’s important to work with a licensed contractor and use the appropriate tools.

Act Swiftly and Safely

The emotional and physical damage left behind from a fire can be overwhelming. You will most definitely need a team of experienced professional by your side to help you and your home recover. From restoring the building and your home’s structural integrity, to recovering personal belongings and getting the smell of smoke out of your home furnishings, Landry’s will help you return to normal as soon as possible.

Fire damage repair will tackle a number of areas. We’ll inspect and test the structural integrity of the building and rebuild where necessary. We’ll check electrical outlets and circuits. We’ll eliminate smoke odors and damage – especially important to prevent continued damage and health issues caused by lingering smoke. We’ll remove soot from carpets and household surfaces. Residual ash and smoke will be disposed of to prevent discoloration of metals and corrosion. Not only can we repair the damage caused by the fire and smoke, but we can also repair any water damage caused when the fire was extinguished.

Let Landry’s Repair It

If you’ve suffered fire damage or water damage and need restoration services pronto, call Landry’s Painting at (760) 617-1051. It may seem like you can handle many of these repair tasks on your own; however, there’s a lot at stake and it’s best to leave Hesperia fire and water damage repair to the professionals. After decades of painting and contracting experience, the family business expanded to include residential and commercial painting, remodeling, pressure washing, stucco repair and fire and water damage repair. We only provide the best service and use the best materials to give our customers the best experience.