Timeline of a Bathroom Renovation Project

Timeline of a Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom renovations can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. You’re excited because you’re updating your bathroom and getting a new look, but you’re also terrified of the time it will take and wondering if it is worth it. While not all bathroom renovations will take the same amount of time, some may take a short amount of time and other may take a lot longer depending on what is being done, here is a general timeline of a bathroom renovation project:

Timeline of a Bathroom Renovation Project | Landry's Painting Hesperia

Week 1

  • All demolitions are done during this week, usually on the first day to clear out all the old and make room for the new.
  •  Your plumber will come in the first week and rough out where the new plumbing will go, if new plumbing is necessary.
  • Your electrician will come in and rough out new wiring.
  • Any minor remaining carpentry will be done by carpenters to make your bathroom ready for the next phase.

Week 2

  • Plumber returns to complete plumbing for shower.
  • Inspections take place during week two. This includes plumbing, wiring, framing, insulation, and firestop inspections. Once the framing inspection is done, the insulation is installed.

Week 3

  • Drywall and cement is installed.
  • Spackle is applied to drywall.
  • New windows, doors, and tiles are installed.

Week 4

  • Complete tile installation and grout it.
  • Paint bathroom and install vanity when completed.

Week 5

  • Plumber returns to install shower heads, sink, and toilet.
  • Shower door has been ordered at this point, but may not have arrived yet. If that is the case, the bathroom is functional now and a temporary shower curtain with a tension rod will be used until door arrives.
  • When shower door arrives, it will be installed and you will have the bathroom of your dreams!

Bathroom Renovation Changes

Not every bathroom renovation is the same. You may have very minor changes you want to make and the whole project will only take you about one to two weeks to complete. It also depends on the size of your bathroom. If you’re updating a half bath as opposed to the master bath, it will take less time. There are also complications that can happen which are out of your control. For example, the vanity you ordered takes longer to arrive than expected. Or your contractors have an emergency that they need to attend to and your renovations come to a halt. No matter what happens or how long it takes, don’t get discouraged. Once you see the finished product, you’ll be happy and all the time and labor spent during the renovation won’t matter. To get a quote on your next bathroom renovation project, call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051.