A Professional Kitchen Renovation Can Create Greater Family Time

A Professional Kitchen Renovation Can Create Greater Family Time

The kitchen is the heart of the home. For many families, gathering around the dining table or breakfast bar for meals is the main time they get to spend with each other for the day. But if you’re living with a dysfunctional kitchen, it’s no surprise your family time may be suffering.

A Professional Kitchen Renovation Can Create Greater Family Time

When you work with Landry’s Painting to design a kitchen that really works for you, you’re investing in better function for your day-to-day life. Whether that’s making cooking easier by placing the sink next to the stove or expanding eating space for your growing family, reach out to Landry’s to explore some new ideas you can add to your kitchen.

Expanded Storage

A kitchen that really works for you is one that works for your storage needs. If you have cupboards that you won’t open because you know 15 Tupperware lids are about to cascade down around you, it’s time to start thinking about a storage design that will enhance your experience in the kitchen.

When you work with professionals to renovate your kitchen, they can show you some crafty ways to add more storage to the kitchen. Got a narrow space next to the fridge that’s wasted? That can become a full-sized, roll-out pantry shelf. What about ceiling-mounted cabinets to hang over your extended countertops? There’s always more space when you work with someone experienced in finding it.

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars are great for any meal! Integrated as part of your countertop in an L- or U-shaped kitchen, breakfast bars make room to pull up stools right to the cooking space so it’s easy to make and serve a meal without moving your family around.

It’s also a great way for families to spend time together while one person is cooking. For many, this space can become a central meeting spot throughout the day at meals.

Center Islands

If you’re living in a kitchen with a countertop on a single wall you probably already know what you’re missing in a center island. The great news is that center islands are highly customizable in shape and design. Add storage cupboards underneath. Run power to the island to make it a functional cooking space for small appliances. Even move a cooktop or faucet there to add a little feng shui to your design.

Smarter Wiring

If your kitchen wiring was last addressed before 1970, there are a few reasons to consider renovating. First, the wiring is definitely getting up there in age. At 50 years, there may be some wear and tear on your wiring that should be addressed. With so many heavy-duty appliances taxing the circuit daily, updating the wiring is a no-brainer.

And while you do so, make it work better for you. If your wiring is 50 years or older it most likely has not taken advantage of smart, modern designs. Add more countertop outlets for easier appliance use. Install new LED lighting over your sink, stovetop, and dining area to really see what you’re cooking and eating.

When you consider expanded storage, an intelligent layout, and intuitive lighting in your kitchen renovation design you make it into a space that really works for you. The more time you want to spend in your kitchen, the more it will become a hub for family time.

Ready to start that reno? Reach out to Landry’s Painting today to discuss planning a kitchen renovation when you call (760) 617-1051.