Interior Color Inspirations for Updating Your Home

Interior Color Inspirations for Updating Your Home

When it comes to updating your home, one of the easiest ways to make bold changes is with color. Whether you purchase a new couch or paint an accent wall, introducing something new can make a big style statement.

Interior Color Inspirations for Updating Your Home

At Landry’s Painting, we know all about how the effects of a new coat of paint can be a major upgrade in your home. Reach out to us to strategize with some color inspiration to make your home fresh and inviting.


There’s a reason most apartments are simply painted white—it goes with everything. Choosing to upgrade the interior of your home with white items and white paint is a choice you can’t really go wrong in making.

But there’s more to white than just white. When you compare white paint chits side-by-side you will see that some white paint has a warm undertone and some are cool. Depending on the other features in your home such as softwood trim or stark black tile, you will want to match your whites to your overall tone.


If you’re looking to bring some peace to your home, opting for more neutrals is the way to go. Often when we look for color inspiration we find a rainbow of interior decor. But this much visual “noise” can make your home feel unsettled and lacking in a cohesive design.

Swapping to neutrals creates better flow in your home. Work with our experts to choose a palette of pale grays or brown shades to incorporate throughout your home for a consistent, pleasant design.

Neutrals work great as a background for other visually interesting content. If you’re looking to move in some artwork or statement furniture, upgrading your walls and trim to neutral paint colors can help.

Bright Colors

Perhaps your home suffers from too many neutrals. If you went into your home thinking to keep everything simple and inoffensive, you may find yourself living in end-to-end beige. And while there’s nothing wrong with a solid beige palette, you might find yourself dreaming about a red accent wall.

We can help you pick some bright colors that will add a bold touch to your space without being overwhelming. Explore what’s out there when you consider the possibility of moving past neutrals.

Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone names a color of the year. For 2021, there are two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating—a vibrant yellow. When paired together, you can see the chic, funky combo would be easily combined for bright effect or used separately in the home as a gray neutral or bright yellow accent.

Take inspiration from this year’s colors with the perfect gray and this sunshiney yellow. The gray can work for more permanent fixtures that you won’t get tired of. Apply the yellow experimentally to large spaces like a wall or incorporate small touches throughout your home by painting things like furniture or picture frames in this bold hue.

Ready to make some colorful updates? Reach out to our Hesperia, CA painting experts at (760) 617-1051 to collaborate on some color into today.