New Year’s Home Improvement Projects

New Years Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects such as redecorating, making repairs, and painting often get put off and forgotten about. The new year is a great time to set resolutions to finally get those projects done. A new year is a fresh start, so give your home a fresh look and feel, inside and out. Here are three painting projects that you should consider tackling this year.

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Interior Painting

New Year’s interior painting projects can be anything from painting one room to every room inside your home. If you have a vision for a particular room, let the painting professionals at Landry’s bring it to life. Our painting experts are knowledgeable in painting materials, techniques, and applications to achieve the best results.

Here are some interior painting projects you may want to consider this year:

● Add a pop of color to your living room with an accent wall, ceiling paint, or painted furniture.

● Make your bathroom a relaxing and rejuvenating space with paint colors like soft blues and earth tones.

● Freshen up your bedroom paint with warm and comforting colors such as peach, beige, or terracotta.

● Bring new life to your well-worn kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Popular kitchen colors include olive green and warm wood tones.


Whether you’re remodeling for style, function, or sale value, remodeling can be an exciting home project, but it often gets put off because it involves a lot of components. There is a way to make your home remodeling dreams a reality this year!

Landry’s does more than just paint. Our team of experts offers other services and skill profiles to make you remodel a breeze! We provide a variety of remodeling services from studs to the final coat of paint and everything in between.

Exterior Projects

exterior painting services

Exterior home improvement projects are just as important as interior ones. Improve your home’s curb appeal and prevent damage with exterior projects such as:

  • Pressure washing: Prevent damage and remove stains from mildew, bird waste, and dirt buildup by pressure washing your home, sidewalks, and patios.
  • Deck finishing: Make sure your deck is secure, clean, and freshly stained so you and your family can get the most enjoyment out of it.
  • Fence staining: If your fence paint is chipped or fading, it may be putting off an uninviting tone for your home. Have your fence painted or stained every few years to keep it looking fresh.
  • Exterior painting: Create a new look, increase home value, and protect your home from environmental elements with a new coat of paint or stucco repair.

San Bernardino area Painting Contractor

Check these home improvement projects off your list with the help of Landry’s Painting. We serve Inland Empire, San Bernardino, High Desert, Riverside and surrounding areas. We understand that painting projects can be a hassle and difficult to tackle on your own. We’re here to take that stress off your plate and deliver high-quality and efficient painting services at low prices.

For all your painting projects in Inland Empire and the surrounding area, call Landry’s Painting at (760) 617-1051.