Got a Hole in Your Drywall and No One Knows Who Did It? Call a Drywall Repair Professional to Make it Disappear

Got a Hole in Your Drywall and No One Knows Who Did It? Call a Professional to Make it Disappear


Perhaps you didn’t even notice it happening. A wayward elbow, the corner of a lifted table—something sharp punched a hole in your drywall. And you don’t know who to call to get it fixed.

Got a hole in your drywall and no one knows who did it? Call a professional to make it disappear.

The Life of a Wall

Drywall is so ubiquitous throughout most modern homes, many people never consider all it is put through. Decorations, hooks and pictures are hung from nails of all sizes pounded into the wall. Cracks can split, especially near corners. Original nails may begin to work their way out, pushing a bit of the drywall with them in a circle.

Or perhaps your wall was under some construction: a leak from the floor above or the installation of a new light switch. Now you want the wall to look the way it always did, but how do you get the paint match and smoothness it had before?

Not Who You Expect for Drywall Repair

You may not realize one of the best professionals to call can be a painter. Their skills extend beyond the end of a brush, and at Landry’s Painting in San Bernardino County,  drywall repair is among the many tasks we take on.

Simple holes and cracks can be filled in with a joint compound or also covered with tape made of fiberglass. Compounds should dry enough for sanding in less than half an hour. Sometimes these can even be do-it-yourself projects. Where Landry’s Painting comes in is for larger holes that need framing, called backer boards, behind them. We can determine how much, if any, involvement there is with the studs and what level of repair will get your wall back to normal.

Some may feel capable of taking on larger repairs themselves. However, there are a few things to think about first. These larger projects require sanding and cutting boards with a saw. They also require you to be aware of the wiring and plumbing behind the drywall, or at least be confident in identifying it before cutting into the wall. It comes down to safety. Professionals like us at Landry’s Painting are familiar with the process. And before the process is done, we can get a new coat of paint on that wall, too.

Whatever happened—indoor baseball, you say?Landry’s Painting can find a solution for your drywall repair issues. Cracking, construction and gaping holes are nothing to be afraid of. So go ahead and call 760-617-1051 to get your wall fixed today.