Best Types of Exterior Paint for Inland Empire Area

Best Types of Exterior Paint for Inland Empire Area

When the time comes to repaint your home’s exterior, aesthetics aren’t the only thing that matters. Sure you want to choose a paint color and finish that looks nice, but the climate you live in plays a huge part in what types of paint work best for your home and will look nice for the longest amount of time.

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In California, heat and sun are two factors that must be considered when choosing exterior paint. Here are some of the best paint types for your Southern California home.

Exterior Paint and Climate

While you may enjoy spending time outside in the sun, UV rays from the sun cause paint to fade and have a dull appearance. Heat also affects the appearance and function of exterior paint, causing the paint to crack, curl, or peel. This happens because the UV rays and heat degrade the pigments and binding elements in the paint.

These factors are important to consider when selecting exterior paint, especially in an area like Southern California. The Inland Empire area experiences about 275 sunny days per year and summer temperatures reach the mid 90’s.

It’s hot enough in southern California, but some paint colors retain heat, making your house hotter and forcing you to use more energy to cool your home. Generally, darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect heat. When choosing exterior paint, check the Light Reflecting Value (LRV). It is measured on a scale of 100 with higher values reflecting more light and keeping your home cooler.

Durable Exterior Paints for California Climate

  • Latex Paints: Water-based latex paints are an affordable and effective exterior paint for the southern California climate. It expands and contracts with shifting temperatures and is easy to apply and clean up.
  • Acrylic Paints: Acrylic paints are thicker and tend to be made with more high-quality ingredients, including chemicals that help them stand up to UV rays and high temperatures. It is durable, long-lasting, and can be used on all kinds of siding including wood, aluminum, stucco, and fiber cement.
  • Elastomeric paint: This is a coating that acts as a “sunblock” for your home’s exterior. It is an ideal solution for homes and buildings in hot, sunny climates. Elastomeric coatings are up to 10 times more durable than standard exterior paint alone.
  • UV Resistant Paint: Exterior paints are available with additives to increase the UV resistance and minimize paint fading. UV-resistant paint fades about 2% per year, compared to standard paint which fades about 7% per year.

Inland Empire Exterior Painting Services

To ensure the best materials are being used and properly applied, it’s best to hire professionals for exterior painting projects. The building surface needs to be specially prepared and primed and the paint must be applied smoothly and evenly for durable, long-lasting results that look great.

At Landry’s Painting, we take a systematic approach to exterior painting projects that ensure long-lasting and effective results. We are proud to provide both commercial and residential painting services to our customers in the Inland Empire, San Bernardino, High Desert, and Riverside areas.

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