New Baby New Paint for Nursery

New Baby New Paint for Nursery

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time for a family. There are so many things to prepare and you want everything to be perfect– the nursery being a clear priority. But painting a room is an involved and time-consuming task. With so many other things to get ready, why not leave painting the nursery to the professionals, like Landry’s Painting.

new painting for baby nursery

Consider the following nursery painting tips, work with the experts to choose the best paint for your new baby’s nursery, and sit back while they take care of the hard work.

Nursery Themes and Colors

Sometimes it can be hard to go directly to choosing a color palette. Start with choosing a theme and a color scheme may develop naturally. Or choose a feeling or emotion for the room to inspire a color palette.

Nursery Themes

  • Under the sea: Use a color palette of blues and greens and coral accents. Sea animals, shells, and plant décor.
  • Woodlands: A great theme for timeless earth tones and neutral colors.
  • Florals: Pastels like green, pink, purple, and yellow are great for a floral room. Consider an accent wall with floral wallpaper.
  • Space: Create a space theme with blue-gray painted walls and planet color accents like yellow, orange, red, and blue.

Calming Nursery Colors

If you want your baby’s nursery to evoke a sense of calm considers these colors:

  • Subdued blue
  • Sage
  • Pale purple
  • light, blue-gray
  • Neutral earth tones

Trendy Nursery Colors

Your baby is unique so her nursery should be too! Make a statement with these trendy colors:

  • Black, white, and bold (like red or green)
  • Teal
  • Aqua and yellow
  • Gold and gray
  • Periwinkle
  • Peach

Safe Durable Nursery Paints

Two things are certain when it comes to children– they are messy and safety is a top priority. Many parents don’t consider these details when selecting a paint for the nursery, but you’ll be glad you did.

For the baby’s safety and well-being choose a paint with low/no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Also, consider using a paint with light reflective value (LRV) of 60 or lower to minimize glare which can hurt the baby’s sensitive eyes. Choose a high-quality, durable paint finish that can withstand the messes that come with raising a child. Eggshell paint finishes allow you to easily wipe down nursery walls.

Professional Painting Contractors

Even if you have a specific vision for your nursery painting project, your passion may not be clearly translated through your paintbrush into the finished product. It’s best to work with professional painting contractors to make your dream nursery a reality. Landry’s Painting uses a thorough step-by-step process to complete our job to the specifications and details in your proposal.

Landry’s Painting is a family-owned business in Hesperia, CA. Our teams have the tools, experience, and skills necessary to expertly paint your nursery and help you prepare for your new baby.

If you need affordable, dependable, and efficient interior painting services for your nursery or any other room, contact Landry’s Painting at (760) 617-105.