Why Summer is the Best Time for Exterior Painting

Why Summer is the Best Time for Exterior Painting

Is it time for your home to get a make-over? Maybe your home is in need of some sprucing up on the outside and nothing says sprucing up like a fresh coat of paint. Now that summer is coming around, you may not think it’s the best time to paint, but it is! Call up Landry’s Painting and begin your new home look because here are some reasons why summer is the best time for exterior painting.

Why Summer is the Best Time for Exterior Painting


Perfect Temperature

Summer is the best time for exterior painting because summer means no more rain and the weather is warm, perfect paint-drying weather. The heat may dissuade you from taking on this painting project, but don’t let it. It may be uncomfortable, but it is doable.

Easier Scheduling

Throughout the year you probably come up with a million different projects you want to work on and painting the exterior of your home may be one of them. Summer is the perfect time to begin working on all these projects. Plus, since summer is a popular time to paint homes, paint contractors are in full swing and it is easier to schedule an appointment with them.

Pretty Preparation

During the summer, flowers are in bloom and your yard has never looked better. A new coat of exterior paint can complement your beautiful yard while giving your home a new, updated appearance. Summer is also the time when homes go up for sale and people start looking to move. If you’re one of those people, a fresh coat of paint can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Winter Repair

Winters can be harsh to your exterior paint job. Snow and ice can soak and chip away at your paint while severe winds can batter and ruin it. Getting a new paint job allows the paint contractors to inspect for damage, repair the damage and get your home looking great and ready for some new paint.

If summer is the perfect time for you to get new exterior paint for your home, call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051.