Choosing Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Choosing Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom, when moving into a new home or redecorating your current home, shouldn’t be stressful but some consideration should be made. Every room has a different mood that you can think about to make the right color choices. Landry’s Painting located in Hesperia and serving the surrounding area including San Bernardino, has good ideas to help you choose a color.

Remember the bedroom is where you slip between the soft sheets at night to relax and recharge for the busy day. Why not choose a bedroom paint color that is appropriate for the mood you are trying to create?

Things to Consider

Choosing a paint color for your bedroom isn’t as simple as picking a color you like from the wall of paint samples at the hardware store. There are several important things to consider.

What do you want to “feel” in your bedroom? Calm, inspired, refreshed? Feminine or masculine? It is important to choose a color that matches that feeling. Blues tend to be calming while greens tend to make you feel revitalized. Grays may be more masculine or sophisticated.

What is your lifestyle? Do you spend a lot of time in your bedroom? Do you have a job that requires you to sleep odd hours? Does your bedroom double as an at-home office or any other function? Choose a color that is appropriate for how you use the room. Landry’s Painting has tons of experience in helping customers choose a color for the lifestyle the room needs to meet.

What is the size of your bedroom? Painting small bedrooms with dark colors tends to make them feel even smaller. Open up small rooms with cool, light tones.

Do you want to incorporate an accent wall or paint the entire room one color? An accent wall is a great way to add a pop of color or incorporate darker, warmer colors into small spaces. For example, painting that wall in your bedroom that is hit by the morning sun a warm welcoming shade of green can be a way to tell yourself good morning.

Bedroom Paint Color Options

Once you’ve considered the questions above, now you can start looking at and comparing colors. Below are some helpful categories to help you narrow down color options.

Colors for a Better Night’s Sleep

Avoid “active” bright colors like reds and oranges. Stick to darker, more relaxing colors like olive, shades of blue, charcoal, or blue-gray hues. Colors like these will help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep soundly.

Timeless Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always in fashion and they allow you to get creative with accent colors and patterns. Colors like ivory, taupe, gray, champagne, and cream create a soothing and comfortable environment.

Cozy Colors

Is your bedroom a place where you sink into your bed feeling cozy and relaxed among your soft pillows and blankets? Try warmer wall colors like terracotta, buttercream, peach, or latte to create that feeling of comfort.

Bold Colors

Maybe you need a pop of color to wake up energized, inspired, and ready to take on the day. Don’t be afraid to go big with bold colors like royal purple, teal, gold, or cobalt blue.

Professional Interior Painting

Though you can do it yourself, painting an interior room is not an easy task. Interior painting is a process that involves a great degree of skill, precision, and the right equipment. It’s best to contact a professional painting service like Landry’s Painting. They know what they are doing and are skilled at it. Prepping the room, proper protection of furnishings and floors, and having the right ladders, rollers, and other equipments make Landry’s painters efficient on the job.

Landry’s Painting located in Hesperia has over 30 years of experience providing expert interior and exterior Painting services throughout the San Bernardino area. We also serve Inland Empire, High Desert, and Riverside customers. We’ve developed a reliable customer-oriented approach that gives you convenient and efficient work while maintaining high standards that meet or exceed your expectations.

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