Need Interior Painting? Here’s How To Tell The Pros From The Novices

Need Interior Painting? Here’s How To Tell The Pros From The Novices

Need Interior Painting? Here's How To Tell The Pros From The Novices
Painting the inside of your home or business can be a fun process when you’re choosing designs and colors; however, the process can quickly become overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which professional paint contractor to hire. When you hire a professional, you want to be sure that you are in fact hiring a professional and not a newbie. When you’re in need of interior painting, here’s how to tell the pros from the novices:

Dry Weather

A professional painter will know that, if it’s raining or the humidity is high, it is not a good time to paint. If your paint job must be done when it’s humid, your professional painter will know to use slow-drying paint and to not overwork the paint.

Visual Inspection and Prep

If your walls are cracked, are peeling, or flaking, a professional painter will know to prep those areas with a thorough sanding before painting. If these areas aren’t sanded and properly prepped, the weight from the new paint will pull the old paint loose. If there are no cracked or peeling areas, your walls just need a good wipedown before painting.

Decor Protection

Novice painters might start painting the inside of your home while your furniture and decorations remain in place, whereas a professional painter wouldn’t start working until all decor is either removed, or securely covered so as to avoid paint splatter. Professional painters will also remove light switch and outlet covers in order to create perfect paint coverage.

From Top to Bottom

All professional painters know to start painting from the top down. If you’ve hired a paint contractor and they start painting at the bottom or even the middle of your wall, you know that they are not pros. Novices will leave telltale drips and splatters at the end of their paint jobs, but pros will paint over their drips and mistakes as they move downwards.

Trying to find the right paint contractor can be difficult, especially trying to separate the novices from the pros. So if you are in need of interior painting and want a fully-licensed professional, call Landry’s Painting today at (760) 617-1051.