Enhance the Value of your Property with a New Deck Finish in Hesperia, CA

Enhance the Value of your Property with a New Deck Finish in Hesperia, CA

If you’re considering selling your house or just looking to up its curb appeal for the future, one of the best things you can do is make sure the outside of your home looks like it is in good condition.

Whether in person or from pictures online, buyers are much less likely to catch their eye on a home that looks worn out. Due to their materials, exposure, and use, decks often bear the brunt of exterior degrading. Luckily, they’re also one of the simplest and most affordable improvement projects to take on.

Enhance the Value of your Property with a New Deck Finish in Hesperia, CA

Deck Finish Options

Fitting your deck finish to the style of your home can be a fun experience. There are many classic deck looks, from brightly stained reds to more subtle, natural colors. Deck finishes come in many types, including oil-based, water-based, hybrids, and pigments.

For a deeper finish, oil-based products tend to work best, but they involve a more intensive clean-up process. Water-based finishes don’t come with the hassle, but they don’t finish as deeply as oil-based products. For some, a hybrid provides the benefits of both to get the depth of stain they want without the mess.

Pigments add some color to your deck. These can stand up to sunlight best, protecting the wood for longer and hiding damage. Pigments can be applied in varying degrees of transparency to get the look you want. From a paint-like solid to an essentially clear coat, pigments offer a great variety of coverage options.

Deck Finish Process

Refinishing a deck is not an invasive home improvement project, but it is one that demands expertise and professional tools. When you hire a company like Landry’s Painting to refinish your deck, they’ll start with repairing any damaged sections that need more than a coat of finish.

Workers prep the wood for paint by washing and sanding it. You’ll be amazed at the new life a pressure washer can breathe into exterior woods like your deck. With high-powered, professional pressure washers, workers can get your deck looking almost as good as a new finish would look.

Sanding down weathered spots makes for a clean surface that can take the new stain. Professionals will bring something like an orbital sander to carefully go over the wood of your deck.

At this point, your deck will likely look brand new again with raw wood exposed. All that will be left is applying the finish. Work with your workers to pick the right stain for both performance, longevity, and clean-up needs. They will apply thin, even coats with professional applicators across the whole of your deck until it is completely covered.

With at least an afternoon’s time to dry, your deck will be ready for you to enjoy again.

Thinking of improving your home’s value and appearance by refinishing the deck? Landry’s Painting has the tools and know-how to get your deck ready for sale or summer—whichever comes first! Reach out to Landry’s Painting today to discuss your deck project by calling (760) 617-1051 or fill out our free estimates form.