Our Professional Residential Remodeling Services can Reduce Your Stress

 Our Professional Residential Remodeling Services can Reduce Your Stress in Hesperia.

In recent years, DIY has gained popularity on things like home-improvement YouTube channels and blogs. They make remodeling projects look easy and result in stunning time and time again. But there’s a little secret here: these go smoothly because it is their job to look this good. For the average person in Hesperia, DIY-ing a remodeling project on top of their real job is overwhelming. That’s why Landry’s Painting offers a residential remodeling service.

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How to Tell If You Are Capable of This DIY

  • Do you have the right tools for the job? If purchasing the tools will end up costing as much as having a professional do it, are you really saving anything?
  • Do you have a plan for the tools when you are done? Is there a concrete plan for another project with them or are they resellable? Filling your garage with plane saws you’ll never use again will not be a helpful outcome of a DIY project.
  • How many new skills do you need to acquire for this? Learning a skill here or there for a remodeling project is a fun part of the process, but if you’re starting from the beginning learning how to tap a screw, you may be better off leaving this to the professionals.

Project Management Tricks

You’ve heard the jokes that a remodeling project won’t be done until a week after the deadline. This is often true because project management is difficult, even for professionals. Aligning deliveries, discovering new challenges during demolition, and finding human labor going slower than expected are all possible setbacks remodel projects may face. Ways to combat this are:

  • Set firm goals. Goals are better than dates because they give you something tangible to shoot for rather than simply a day in the future. Break your project up into small goals to be reached sequentially.
  • Try to deal with one shipper. Make your life easier by having as many supplies delivered by the same company at the same time as possible.
  • Leave a buffer for moments like “What does this wire connect to?” and “I didn’t know that wall was load-bearing!” Mistakes will happen. Account for them ahead of time in your scheduling.

Our Professional Residential Remodeling Service

If you are considering, or even already halfway through, a residential remodeling project that is leaving you feeling overwhelmed, get in touch. Our remodeling service can take over. We already have the tools, skills, and project management know-how to complete the job efficiently.

Get your remodeling project underway with Landry’s Painting on the job. Call (760) 617-1051.