Restoration Repairs After Fire or Water Damage in Hesperia, CA

Restoration Repairs After Fire or Water Damage in Hesperia, CA

It’s an unfortunate truth each year that more Californians are dealing with fire damage to their homes and property. And with fire damage, water damage often follows from attempts to tamp down the flames. Both leave a significant need for repairs–and for the right repair team.

Repairing Fire Damage

Ask any contractor, fire damage often requires gutting and rebuilding even parts of the structure which did not catch fire. That is due to the smoke damage, an insidious and toxic type of damage that will quickly ruin your wallboard, carpeting, and furniture.

Structural damage to framing and wallboard from the fire can also be devastating. But the skilled people at Landry’s are ready to take on serious repair work and make your home stable again.

Fire damage also comes accompanied by water damage from extinguishment attempts. Parts of the home may be flooded while other parts are charred. When you hire an experienced crew like those of us at Landry’s Painting, you’ll see our repair skills are applicable to a variety of home needs.

We concentrate on safety when it comes to repairing fire damage. This means checking visible electrical elements such as outlets. Also, combatting smoke scents throughout the home protects your air quality. Any staining from smoke and flame can be repaired and covered with our expert painting and wallboard skills.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water can be a force for destruction when it comes to home care. Whether from a broken pipe or a fireman’s hose, water damage causes a multitude of problems including rot leading to structural damage, mold in wallboard and insulation, and electrical shock when managed by an inexperienced DIY-er.

Water damage only gets worse with time so it is essential to call Landry’s Painting for repairs as soon as you see water damage occurring. Remember that water damage is like an iceberg: what you can see is just the tip.

Collaborating with Other Contractors

Given the nature of both fire and water damage and the likelihood that there is more than meets the eye, coordinating with other tradesmen and contractors to get repairs completed is often necessary. At Landry’s Painting, we are experienced with creating a workable schedule around plumbers, electricians, and more to make sure we all maximize our time on-site to get your home or business repaired quickly.

Plus, ask us for recommendations if you need a plumber, electrician, or other tradesmen–we know them all!

Coordinating Insurance Coverage

Your home insurance likely covers the repair for some fire and water damage. But just because you have coverage doesn’t mean it’s easy to get everything lined up. Landry’s Painting can help you figure out where your home repair financing will come from as we begin your repairs.

Don’t try to recover from significant fire and water damage on your own. Instead, work with Landry’s Painting to get your home fixed. With over 30 years of service behind us, we come to the job ready to tackle your fire and water damage and make your home look new again. Reach out at (760) 617-1051 to ask questions or request a free estimate today.