Exterior Painting: Color Scheme Inspiration for 2018

Exterior Painting: Color Scheme Inspiration for 2018

2017 is almost over and with 2018 just around the corner, that means that there is going to be a whole new slew of yearly trends. While there are a lot of design trends to look forward to in the coming year, paint color choices always hold a spot toward the top of the list. After all, paint colors set the tone for your home and dictate what furniture and decor you buy in order to make that tone work. Color scheme inspiration for 2018 stems from the spirit of contemporary life, each scheme inspired by a collective culture moment.
Exterior Painting: Color Scheme Inspiration for 2018

People and Places Palette

This color scheme palette focuses on the connection between people and places. The colors in this palette revolve around striking blues, bold fuchsias, and stabilizing browns. Taking inspiration from connection to different people, this palette really celebrates community of the world and that wanderlust spirit taking over. These particular colors together offer a relaxing feeling, combined with unexpected fun, which really embodies that nomadic lifestyle.

The Tech Palette

The technology palette draws from our connectivity with the new high tech gadgets we’re being faced with. The colors included in this digital palette are pixelated oranges, animated blues and greens, and bright yellows. Techies are taking over as the new hippies and they are filled with breakthrough ideas. The tech palette is playful and modern, bringing in the dark tones of blues balanced with neutrals including warm yellows and popping purples.

The Minimalist Palette

Minimalism is more than just not having a lot of stuff. It’s the practice of stepping back, disconnecting,  in order to recharge. The minimalist palette takes inspiration from the silence and peace found from disconnecting. Colors in this palette are all about soft, washed neutrals that create harmony. It’s not about sticking to one color scheme, but rather finding fluidity in letting one organic color fading into the next.

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